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Remediation Site Operations and Maintenance Support

Oxygen injection systems are a valuable remediation technology where aerobic bioremediation is effective. RSC has assisted with the installation and O&M of oxygen injection systems. RSC is experienced with both membrane oxygen diffusion and high volume and high concentration DO systems for larger hydrocarbon contaminant plumes.

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Scale Inhibition

The ability to prevent and control inorganic salts deposition is well understood. Specialty polymer technology provided by companies such as Noveon, Alco, Biolabs and Rohm and Haas provide hardness salts, iron, copper, phosphate, zinc and silica deposition control.

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Reverse Osmosis Project

The growth of membrane technologies in many diverse applications has been remarkable. Reverse Osmosis has been extremely effective in many high purity applications including boiler feedwater preparation.

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Microbiological Control

MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) and MID (microbiologically influenced deposits) are important considerations in all water systems including remediation systems.

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Land Farming Support Services

As sites remediate contaminated soils, land farming is often the most cost effective and preferred remediation technology. Tilling soils to promote aeration, microbiological activity, and contaminant removal through natural evapo-transporation is often employed.

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Enhanced Solids-Liquid Separation

Enhanced Solids-Liquid Separation using Coagulants and Polymeric Flocculants

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