Remediation Services offers a variety of products and services, designed to fit your businesses needs. Click on the learn more link for more information or you can contact us to learn more.

Air Stripper Antiscalants

During the air stripping process calcium and iron become insoluble and end up as system deposits. These deposits decrease air/water contact , increase blower back pressure and plug discharge piping. Maintenance costs increase as frequent cleaning becomes necessary. Permits are often exceeded due to inefficient air stripping.

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Chemical Cleaning

RSC has provided chemical cleaning technology for many commercial and industrial customers. Chemical cleaning is often the most effective way to restore efficiency and flowrates to remediation projects.

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Recovery Well Rehabilitation

Recovery wells are often fouled with microorganisms, hydrocarbons, and iron deposits. Often these “biomasses” foul the pump intakes, screens, pump packing, and the formation near the pump intake. Remediation Services has developed a unique process utilizing chlorine dioxide and specialty cleaners to clean and disinfect these wells.

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Oil / Water Separation Filtration

Remediation Services Company is a distributor of Oil/Water Separation Filters. These filters have the ability to remove hydrocarbon levels to extremely low levels . The filters are coated with a chemical that attracts and captures hydrocarbons in the fibers of the filters. View PDF

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Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants, Biocides and Cleaners

Membrane separation technology has become more common in all water treatment applications including groundwater remediation. RSC provides RO system antiscalants, biocides, and cleaners. These products prevent mineral and microbiological fouling of the membranes.

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