Chemical Cleaning

RSC has provided chemical cleaning technology for many commercial and industrial customers. Chemical cleaning is often the most effective way to restore efficiency and flowrates to remediation projects.

RSC has provided chemical cleaning services including:

  1. Deposit analyses
  2. Cleaning recommendations
  3. Equipment - Pumps, tanks, hoses
  4. Chemicals
  5. Labor
  6. Cleaning waste disposal
  7. Reporting services

RSC has chemically cleaned many remediation systems including recovery wells, air strippers and air diffusers. RSC has developed procedures for the chemical cleaning of remediation equipment. These procedures are outlined in “Chemical Cleaning of Groundwater Remediation Systems”. Click here to learn more about these procedures.

RSC has successfully cleaned various deposits and many different metallurgies. RSC has access to advanced corrosion inhibitors. This technology allows the cleaning of mixed metallurgies and difficult to clean metallurgy.