Eric Fraser began his career in water treatment as a chemist in Dow Chemical’s Technical Service and Product Development laboratory in Freeport Texas. He provided technical service for Dow’s Oxide and Glycol worldwide business. He participated in the development of water/glycol hydraulic fluids and diesel engine antifreeze formulations.

Eric worked for major water treatment companies including Nalco Chemical Company, Betz Laboratories, and Dexter Water Management for 14 years in Oklahoma and Kansas. He provided technical sales and services to refineries, ammonia plants, paper mills, power plants, meat processors and numerous other manufacturing and commercial facilities. His expertise includes boiler water, cooling water and waste water treatment technologies.

He started his own consulting and water management company in 1994. The company was named Kansas Water Technologies in 2002. The company has provided water treatment consulting and chemical treatment to a variety of industrial water users in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Eric has worked with many groundwater remediation projects in Kansas. He has assisted environmental consulting firms as an expert on water chemistry and water treatment issues. His company Remediation Services Company, a sister company of Kansas Water Technologies, has provided services including chemical cleaning of remediation equipment, well rehabilitation, system operation and maintenance, groundwater sampling, water analyses and land farm operation. Eric has developed specialty chemical formulations which have been effective antiscalants for the prevention of mineral deposits in remediation equipment. In 2006 RSC began marketing an advanced technology for the rehabilitation of groundwater recovery wells. The process is designed to restore recovery well flowrate and performance by removing iron, biomass and iron-related biofoulants from recovery wells.

Eric is a member of AWT (Association of Water Technologists) and NACE International (International Association of Corrosion Engineers). Eric is currently the Legislative Regulatory Committee Chairman for AWT. His committee monitors, reviews, and communicates Legislative and Regulatory issues facing the water treatment industry.

Eric has a BS degree in Chemistry and a Master of Business Administration degree. In 2006 Eric earned the CWT (Certified Water Technologist) designation. This is a national peer reviewed certification program for those who have demonstrated experience, knowledge and competency in water treatment.