Air Stripper Antiscalants

RSC has developed custom formulations of antiscalants to prevent calcium, iron and manganese deposits in air stripper systems. These formulations have been successfully used in many air stripper systems in Kansas and neighboring states.

During the air stripping process calcium and iron become insoluble and end up as system deposits. These deposits decrease air/water contact , increase blower back pressure and plug discharge piping. Maintenance costs increase as frequent cleaning becomes necessary. Permits are often exceeded due to inefficient air stripping.

Remediation Services has treated many air stripper systems in the Midwest. Air stripper flowrate from 5 GPM to over 1500 GPM have been treated. One air stripper system was requiring weekly acid cleaning to remove calcium carbonate deposits. Often the system would shut off automatically because of fouling of the level control float and plugging of the outlet piping. After the addition of RSC’s CA-FE-3030 pretreatment cleaning of air stripper has been eliminated and maintenance at the site has been reduced The savings at this site have been significant.